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USB Floppy Emulators For Keyboards, electronic organ
USB floppy emulators for Yamaha,Roland,KORG  Electronic keyboards; SFR1M44-U100
USB floppy emulators for Yamaha,Roland,KORG Electronic keyboards; SFR1M44-U100
Code: # VFD008, VFD1M44-U100
Price: US$ 25

Is it your yamaha or Roland Electronic keyboards ? (Electronic organ ,keyboard ), you had been Using them for many years with lots of floppies. it is time to update floppy Driver to mistar usb floppy emulators. Easy ,Economy,Efficient!

  Keyboard floppy driver.jpg

Mistar floppy emulators, Perfect replacement Yamaha EL900,900M,900B,500,700,01C,01M and Roland G800, E96 , KORG Casio keyboards floppy drivers.


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